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Laser Stress Reduction

Laser therapy can be an effective means to reduce symptoms of stress. Our procedure is similar to acupuncture but far more effective as we are using the latest in laser technology to bring you the most effective stress management program ever developed. Treatments are safe, pain-free, affordable and an easy way to reduce stress.

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Don't let stress and anxiety run your life any longer!

Therapeutic laser treatments can relieve feelings of anxiety and depression, which may be serious handicaps for people trying to cope with difficult domestic, social and work problems. You can enjoy a feeling of well-being and renewed self-confidence.

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Laser Therapy can also help patients who are looking for a more natural solution to depression and anxiety and wanting to come off of anti depressants or sleeping pills. Lighten Up Laser Therapy can be used in many cases not only as an alternative to drugs but also to treat side effects and dependence.

In fact a number of patients have come for laser treatments specifically to come off their antidepressants. There is considerable evidence that Low Level Laser could substantially reduce the consumption of drugs. Low Level Laser Therapy is an effective substitute for sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and antidepressant drugs.

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This holistic, non invasive laser procedure has had an 85% success rate and is gaining worldwide popularity and renown as one of the top methods to reduce stress today.

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Fast, Effective and Pain Free Relief

The effects of the laser are immediate and you will feel the tension leaving your body. You will feel calm, safe and relaxed during the treatment and will experience no pain or discomfort, nor any other effects other than perhaps a slight tingling sensation. Some clients even fall asleep. Some people even enjoy the endorphin stimulation so much that they come back regularly for treatments just to get another dose of that natural high!

When specific energy points on the ears are stimulated with cold Low Level Lasers instead of needles, the results can be simply amazing.

The laser light is applied to several external acupressure energy points on the hands, ears, nose, wrist, feet or arms where it stimulates the nerve endings underneath the skin. When stimulated, these points send specific information to the brain. This causes the brain to naturally produce opiate like substances, which help to eliminate the symptoms of anxiety and tension. This in turn stimulates the release of endorphins (the body's natural mood elevators) in the body, Endorphins give us relief from pain and stress and a general sense of well being. 

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Low-power laser therapy is totally safe, non-invasive, fast and highly effective!

Low-power laser therapy is totally safe, non-invasive, fast and highly effective!

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Only nice things to say about my experience with Kelly, relaxing, and professional. Had a fabulous sleep that night Kelly, thank you.

Debbie O

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